Little commute

I was pretty beat on Sunday but had to go to the office. It’s about 12 miles round-trip, with a long slog uphill on the return. The bonus is the fast long descent on the way there.

When people think about commuting, it’s often in an all-or-nothing context, but it doesn’t have to be. You can do it in bite sizes, randomly, or just when you’re in the mood.

It’s the act of making those little commutes that lead to longer ones and using your bike as a way to get around. Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or the coffee shop or the post office, taking the little commute is almost always worth the effort.


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9 thoughts on “Little commute”

  1. I recently moved to a point where walking is actually on the table for commuting. I haven’t progressed to walking in the rain yet, so I am limited to being a mostly fair weather walker, and that should be qualified with being a fair-weathered NJ Shore area walker. It’s not the prettiest walk, but it’s walking, so it’s a “win”.

    1. The former bike transportation Poobah in NYC once said that “For commutes one mile and under, we recommend technology first developed in 1600 BC, commonly known as a shoe.”

    2. Guess I have to amend this statement. I walked out into a snow squall last night for my walk home. So much for being a fair weather walker. This morning it was 16F and 23 mph NW winds. I couldn’t smile when I got to work, but I tried.

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