Another year not younger

The conundrum is this. The younger you are, the more flexible and adaptable you are, but the less knowledge you have to make good adaptations. The older you are, the more you know but the less you can change.

Biking can’t make you younger, that’s for sure, and today’s birthday confirm it. It can help slow the rate of decay, but not by much. What it can do is allow you to perform and do more with your body and brain during the decline than you’d be able to do otherwise.

And it gives you opportunities that you’d never have if your default sport was the couch. Whether or not you pull on your winter riding clothes and roll out the door at 5:30 on a freezing Christmas morning, at least you know you can.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day wherever you are and whatever you believe. And I hope you can enhance the day with a bit of bicycle.


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9 thoughts on “Another year not younger”

  1. Happy Christmas/Merry Birthday! I didn’t ride (I think I still have a bike, somewhere behind the golf clubs) but I did get in my Christmas morning run. Lovely morning for it!

  2. Happy Birthday Seth!!

    And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    and as you say ….. whatever your current mindset and worldview ……

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