Take a minute, look around

March 27, 2020 § 7 Comments

People are asking:

  • Why do we care about celebrities and athletes? What function do they fulfill?
  • Why are the people vital to survival so underpaid and unappreciated and mercilessly kicked to the curb?
  • The earth is happier, the air is cleaner, while we are dying and alone, maybe we should look at that?
  • Why do we value wealth over life?
  • Do we need social media and is it even good for us as people?
  • Is social distancing is the right thing to do anyway? Why do we need so many superficial “friends” when we should be focusing on people we love?
  • Why have we spent so much of our lives on things that have no meaning, like professional sports, movies, restaurants, cars, luxury goods, and pointless social engagments?
  • Are our children happier when they are with us instead of at school?
  • Why do I feel healthier and more nurtured when I stay at home and make my own meals?
  • Is having less money and more time to spend in healthier ways something I want to continue?
  • What does it mean that oppressive and violent governments in other countries can affect us too? Might we all be on the same planet?
  • Do we need the products and services coming from companies who are desperate to put us back to work and risk our deaths to make money? Do we want them in our society?
  • Should we start thinking about leadership, and what character traits are more important than others? Should we think about that in everyone, including ourselves?
  • Is it possible that all of these things we thought were so important to us are not important at all?

And this final one, which is no question: The beauty of the outdoors has been taken for granted. I realize that now.


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§ 7 Responses to Take a minute, look around

  • Trey Howse says:


  • I read somewhere that changes brought about by external upheaval have longer legs than changes that are self-initiated.
    I hope many of these changes stick, and the increased awareness causes people to question big business putting such a low value on human life as well as the wisdom of an economy based on false assumptions, i.e., infinite growth in a world with finite resources and no value whatsoever assigned to clean air, water, and earth.
    We are a part of this world, but too many believe we are apart from the world.

  • 1seans says:

    Good stuff, Seth. Thank you. There really is beauty and grace all around us. Maybe this dark moment will help us to see and appreciate it.

  • dangerstu says:

    Stay safe

  • downwinder says:

    Well said and we need to push back as they take away the outdoors. I just wrote the Manhattan Beach City Council to permit seniors to use the Marvin Braude Bikeway. Seems a reasonable request if they truly care about seniors.

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