No rapist-in-chief for me, but thanks

Cycling is very political. This blog is very political. But I try to avoid political issues that aren’t tied into bikes.

However, as the news of Joe Biden’s sexual assault looks less and less like an accusation and more and more like a fact, I’ve decided to say something about it.

And it is related to cycling, because there are few places where the discrimination and sexism that women experience daily are as openly displayed as in competitive cycling. So what’s happening on the presidential stage is relevant to cycling. If we can’t put decent people in the highest office, what hope do we have for the director of a small women’s team?

First I’ll say that I believe Joe Biden’s accuser. You can go into the facts and you can research it on your own and come to a different conclusion, but I’ve seen too many women come forward and be belittled, disbelieved, and assaulted again by the justice system to discount this story. She’s been telling it since 1993. She has no political axe to grind. The story has been corroborated by her brother, her former neighbor, and by a woman who was ostensibly her mother calling into a talk show for help.

And like the president, Biden has always struck me as a sleazebag. Men like him give off a stink. Plus, Ms. Reade’s only motive appears to be the anger and injustice she has felt going on thirty years.

Second I’ll say that our current president is every bit as horrible as Joe Biden as a sexual predator. And no, he’s not “worse.” He’s the same. For both of these men, women are targets to be taken whether they will or no. Democrats will try to claim that there are degrees of sexual predators now? That a little sexual abuse is okay, but a lot of it is unpresidential? Please.

Third, I’ll say that by giving a pass to Clarence Thomas, Bill Clinton, Bret Kavanagh, Donald Trump, and now Joe Biden, we’ve fully institutionalized the sexual assault of women by the highest offices in America.

By electing our current president after he admitted to grabbing women “by the pussy” we have given a national blessing to sex abuse. By making a predator like Joe Biden the Democratic nominee, we have given up any shred of moral superiority. How can we criticize a pathological, dishonest, corrupt, racist, sex abuser of a president and then offer up as an alternative someone who is “merely” a dishonest sex abuser? By saying “At least he’s not pathological and corrupt and a racist?”

Great selling points, those, although far from proven.

Of course Democrats are going to start asking us to “Think about the alternative–four more years of Trump.” I would ask those Democrats to ask “What if it were you who’d been assaulted, fired, ignored, only to find that your attacker was the presidential nominee?”

This negative strategy will work for some people who think that the future of the world is more important than one woman’s violated body, but not for me. We had candidates who were far from perfect, but who were also far from being sex abusers. Instead we chose a sleazebag who now turns out to be a sex abuser.

I used to think that we as a nation could do better. I still think we can. But not in November, 2020.


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21 thoughts on “No rapist-in-chief for me, but thanks”

  1. Bro, I’m paying you because I disagree with you… and you’ve been killing it for about a week. What the heck is this? : )

    TBH I couldn’t help think of my daughter who’s heading off to big girl job soon.


  2. David Atkinson

    I don’t like Joe either. I had the same feeling you have about him.However I was denied the right to vote for who I really wanted in the primary thanks to the BS system, but I was able to vote for my second choice….she was smart, and had ideas.

    Wish this news about Biden had gotten national attention prior to the state primaries. I seriously would like to know why it didn’t become national news prior to now. Which news station wouldn’t want to be the one to break that story? In your response you are not allowed to use the words “Biased” or “republican”. Both have lost all meaning, along with the word truth. I know the definition of these words, but I doubt others do.

  3. A predator is as a predator does, and I agree. Joe Biden is a predator. It is not even relevant to add “Well, he isn’t a predator any more.” We all have flaws. I just wish Joe didn’t have THIS flaw, and I wish we could have come out of these democratic primaries with a better alternative. There were some really decent candidates.

  4. I voted for Tulsi because she was against war, crooked Hillary, and demolished Harris. The DNC machine rolled over all candidates. The two-party system is officially dead to me. Youtube owned by Google is censoring free speech. Doctors can’t even air their press conference. The Google monopoly has got to be broken up. Oh, and because we should relate this to cycling, the $1000 fine for me to cycle on the bike path is tyranny.

    1. In most respects it is a one-party system. The two biggest parties share much more in common than they differ.

    2. Vote Biden if care about mending divisive times, expanding access of healthcare, appointment of judges, and climate change. Dems reflex is to take the high road. See Al Franken. Repubs reflex is to castigate the high road. See Mitt Romney.

  5. You’re right. There’s no difference between a rapist of one woman or 20. A rapist is a rapist. But there’s a huge difference between Trump and Biden. This president and the evil administration surrounding him (who are more culpable than he is) have divided the nation, and continue to do so during this crisis. People are suffering and dying (not just as a result of the virus), and this democracy is collapsing. If a Biden presidency would include Elizabeth Warren on the ticket (or seriously any other female running mate) I’d look aside and vote. But would any woman accept the nomination knowing this history? WE CAN NOT SURVIVE ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF TRUMP.

  6. David A Worthington

    Many of us can sleep on a pillow called rationalization…esp here in California where Bernie held 225 delegates to Biden’s 172 (the primary election). For self, I voted (early) for Buttigieg. So my pillow is well-fluffed. Still, there lies the empty can up the road. Whether to kick, or to whiff in November.

    Life is not always about win-loose; win-win; or lose-lose. With these bumbling spittleheads representing Hamburger “A” or Triple Cheese Hamburger “B”…we have a “lose – loser” paradigm. Let’s please not pretend. One choice is clearly, grossly more threatening to the slashing of Roe v. Wade (too paraphrase the late great Molly Ivins “this [President] thinks Roe versus Wade are two ways to get up the creek”). One choice is far more in debt to the evangelicals. One cheeseburger has a proven Presidential record in the recent and massive erosion undermining woman’s liberty to choose. Granted Biden’s catholic voice is not as passionately supportive of Pro Choice as feminist may prefer… However, we know his vice president will be a strong woman (unlike Pence) and defender of the landmark Constitutional protection of women’s liberty to choose (unlike Pence). Dude (and Dudettes). Pick a platform. Kick the can, but do not punt. Grant yourself the serenity to accept the [Binary] things you cannot change. Otherwise you may lay awake in 2021, night-sweating… in duress, with your crazy-ass head on a bag of nails.

  7. I am women but I hate this kind of women who brings up what had happened almost 40 years ago. And it is waste of time to accuse someone forever. Life is moving on. Don’t think every women is like this so to say trusting this kind of women is insult to women. It’s shame on you Seth.

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