When the revolution comes, it will be Stravavised

May 19, 2020 § 10 Comments

It is finally here. Took a dang long enough time, fer fuggsake. Yep, the revolution. The bike revolution. Brought to you courtesy of the covids.

#sadface news for #bikehaters: Millions of people in the USA are now taking to the streets on their bicycles, and most of them are new converts, and a whole bunch of them are never going back to the old way.

Statistics? None.

I mean, there is this story in the NY Times, doing everything it can to make it sound like the lid hasn’t been blown off the shitter. But in between their desperation to make it sound like this is a one-off thing, they cram in all these noisy facts. Most bike sales ever. Can’t keep low-end anything in stock. People lined up around the block. No end in sight.

And here’s what they don’t say: Bike shop employees working themselves to the bone and not even making a dent in the demand for service, products, and repairs. Bike shop owners making something that is a unicorn in the bike shop biz, i.e. a “profit.”

They don’t say this, either: “People are going batshit crazy as they discover the joy, freedom, satisfaction, thrill, happiness, empowerment, hormone flood, jacked up libido, weight loss, Vitamin D shower, disappearance of niggling aches and pains, sound night’s sleep, chubbier wallet, rosy pallor, and life control that comes with swapping out buses/subways/cars/Uber for a bicycle.

I don’t blame them for not saying any of that. If they did, they’d be delivering a steel-toed kick to the groin of the zillion-dollar industries that make up anti-depressants, psych therapy, #socmed, food supplements, chiropractic/massage/acupuncture, sleeping pills, payday loans/credit cards, botox, and the economic leech-system built around cars. Who’d advertise with them if they called out all those folks, for dog’s sake?

Anyway, for people who are still sitting around waiting for things to “get back to normal,” I can only suggest, politely, that you have met the future, and it is a bike.


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§ 10 Responses to When the revolution comes, it will be Stravavised

  • RGT says:


  • RIGHT?!?!? It’s awesome and also the craziest time as an advocate. I see people, no, whole families, moms and dads, and their kiddos on bikes like little ducklings going down these wide corridors that used to have tons of exhaust and traffic on them. But I worry about their poor bike skillz – I think they’ll remember and get the hang of it, and we are trying to get classes online and figure out ways to support/teach/coach when the orders allow small groups.

    I am on an industry thread and 50+ bike shop owners across the country chimed in with the “can’t keep anything in stock”. Trek did a nationwide survey that basically said the same thing (research, who knew?). What’s also true is that Giant has been shut down for a month or so and they are one of the largest manufacturers of bikes worldwide. So – yeah, shortages. Containers of bikes don’t make their way across the ocean in less than a month. The supply chain is gonna stretch.

    But I am not sure about the world being stravavised. I hear they are on the skids… and that’s not a concern of mine.

    • fsethd says:

      So awesome!

    • Joe Clement says:

      Watching the families and kids has been awesome. I fear that as soon as ESPN comes back on, all those Dads will be trying to figure out who the mini-humans are hanging around the couch.

  • Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

  • Drew C says:

    While I love what’s happening with biking, and it may last a while, I fear this is a coincidence of spring weather, less employment, and no sports on TV. I want it to last, and, hopefully, bike riding in general will get a bump on the gradually descending graph of riding. We’ll see…

  • treyhowse says:

    I like what you did with punctuation in the 2nd to last paragraph.

  • LesB says:

    What concerns me here is newbies taking to the Marvin Braude “Bike Path”, thinking like I did when I was a newbie, that it really is a bike path and subjecting themselves to the dangers there. My only hospital-worthy injury from bike riding was on the Braude.

    Think it’s time for the involved Gov’t agencies to start enforcing the “Bikes Only” signage.

    Just sayin’.

    • downwinder says:

      What class bike path must it be legally categorized as to return it to the original and intended “bikes only” status?

      CABO (California Association of Bicycling Organizations) http://www.cabobike.org
      “The fund is presently depleted due to our appela effort to reverse judicial decisions that have apparently resulted in removal of legal liability for Bike Paths that are not designed, constructed, and/or operated to State standards for Class I, Bicycle Paths.”

      If people join, donate, and request focus on legal designation of our bike path then perhaps we can make it safe again. Seth, can you file a lawsuit?

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