Buy black, it matters

If you ride bikes you are making the world a better place. You’re decreasing carbon emissions. You’re improving your health. You’re saving money. Most importantly? You’re having fun … or you should be.

So yeah, you’re already making the world and the you a better place.

Want to make them even more better?

I do. I’ve been writing about racism in cycling and racism in my community for years now. But those are just words. What about actions?

Most people who have a serious opinion about racism in the U.S. believe that there will be no significant improvement until wealth inequality diminishes. What does that mean? We have to wait for a socialist revolution? Or something even more impossible, a genuinely progressive wealth tax?

Black communities aren’t waiting. They’ve been saying for a long time that the quickest way to start pumping money into black communities is by patronizing businesses owned by blacks. There’s a web site devoted to this, However, it’s also important for people who aren’t black and who are concerned about wealth inequality to invest in black businesses by buying their services and products.

One local rider who does that is Major Bob, and it’s time that those of us who really think that it matters where we spend our money start spending it outside of our regular merchants and service providers. This doesn’t mean we’re boycotting white or other minority-owned businesses or that we have to exclusively patronize black businesses. What it means is that a commitment to wealth equity means a commitment to taking the extra step to also spend money with black-owned businesses.

It’s our job at the outset to start identifying those businesses and spending some of our money there. One place you can start is Penuel Cycles, owned by George Turner, in Inglewood.

Here are a few other black-owned business in LA you can consider patronizing:

Simply Wholesome:
Harun Coffee:
Ride On Bike Shop:
Ackee Bamboo Jamiacan Cuisine:
A1 Burger


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Penuel Bicycles

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