Why your comment was deleted and you were blocked

Some people write comments that don’t show up right away, so they write and send it again, but it still doesn’t appear.

This is because WordPress through its magic algorithm has identified your message as spam. Since I’m not hovering over the spam box all day, it sometimes takes a day or two for me to dig through the fish heads, chicken bones, and squirrel carcasses to find the comment or two that got dinged in error.

I always pull them out of the spam bin, wipe them off, disinfect them from the covids, and put them where they rightfully belong so that the other four readers can enjoy the insight.

Rarely, a really terrible comment jukes right, jukes left, does a half-spin, twists hard, lowers its shoulders, and powers through the tiny gap in the spam filters, making its way to the goal line of ***publication in Wanky’s blog***.

Such miscreant comments get doused in covid soup, sent to spam without any supper, and are permanently banned along with their creator.

“Why?” the creators sometimes wonder. “Where is my freedom of speech and my other gunnysack of consutional rats?”

The answer is that wherever they are, they aren’t here. This blog isn’t a forum for discussing whether or not the earth is flat, whether or not the covids are a liberal hoax created by the “mainstream media,” who shot JFK, and why systemic racism doesn’t really exist.


Because the earth is demonstrably not flat, the magazines “Science” and “Nature” are not “mainstream media,” I don’t care who shot JFK, and if you think systemic racism doesn’t exist, you’re not going to change your mind based on some random blogger in Southern California.

But perhaps you’re still wondering why you can’t talk about those things HERE.

Answer: because that place already exists, infinitely. It is called the Internet a/k/a Facebook. There, you can share conspiracy theories about which government created the #fakecovids, you can find people to argue with about which point on the compass the sun most often rises, you can say terrible things about decent people, you can say decent things about terrible people, you can do anything you want without ever having to sign your real name or leave your chair.

But not here.

Here, you are required to (choose one, minimum):

  1. Participate in the echo chamber.
  2. Subscribe ($2.99, cheap).
  3. Tell everyone you never read the blog that you read daily.
  4. Gnash your teeth in silence.
  5. Disagree with the echo chamber by using a real name and email or at least one that has been faked well enough to appear real.

If you don’t select one of these options and you insist on being heard, your only two remaining choices are:

  1. Drive over to another corner of the Internet a/k/a Facebook.
  2. Get blocked.

Not trying to be rude … but not trying to be particularly polite, either. Thanks!


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15 thoughts on “Why your comment was deleted and you were blocked”

  1. A different take on sanity in an insane world. Thank you for about the millionth time.

  2. Yep, you’ve had a real good run lately Seth…always glad to see a new post- I was gonna make a go at defending Bob Dylan the other day but remembered I don’t care if you don’t like him! I was also gonna say something about the Big Book but remembered I’ve forgotten most of it (I stopped going to meetings cos they made we want to drink and drug some more!) But fck yes dude, your words mean a lot to us…or at least to me! You saved me from nightly Netflix indecisions after all!

  3. Right on. Whether I agree with your opinions expressed here, it’s YOUR blog. YOUR rules. Keep writing. Keep riding. ✌️

    1. Dissent and discussion are okay, but whackadoodle “The covids is FAKE!” … nah.

  4. ohhhhh…buy the way…if you test for covids…you FIND more covids…sooooo STOP testing for COVIDS!!!…it’s so simple!…brilliant! Now let’s stop testing for cancer and eff the dentist…

  5. My subscription is long overdue by my standards, definitely yours as well. You are The Man, just A Man, yes, but The Man nevertheless.

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