White money matters

Okay, this is just a quick note to get your weekend off to a happy start!

A local cyclist sent me this email yesterday, and I’m reprinting it here with his permission.

Hey Seth,

A couple of weeks ago you wrote a blog post about supporting black-owned businesses. You mentioned Penuel bike shop in Inglewood specifically. I took a bike there a couple of days ago after searching in vain for a shop that didn’t have a 2-week backlog here in the South Bay.  Not only did he get the bike fixed as promised but the price was incredible too. He’s a great guy and I really appreciate that you promoted his business.

Thanks again!
Jerry Ferro

Personal email

This is how it works! We make a conscious effort to put our dollar into black-owned businesses.

Thank you Jerry for shopping at Penuel, and thanks even more for sharing the experience.


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George Turner, Jr., owner of Penuel

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