Take only Molteni, leave only citations for illegal camping

Here is the one thing I’m taking on my bike trip that is indispensable, and it isn’t the bike.

As I get closer to my 5:00 AM Friday departure, it’s looking less and less like that I’ll get as far as San Francisco, much less the Canadian border. If it turns out to be a 3-day trip to Ventura and back, I’ll be a touch chagrined.

Here is what made the final-final cut.

Rain jacket, wool hat, cycling jeans, tent footprint, maps, u-lock, wool socks, t-shirt.

Base layer shirt, fuel, stove, spark striker, matches, socks, wool gloves, salt, pepper, pot, pan, pan gripper (stowed inside the pot/pan).

Dried tomatoes, oatmeal, sponge, Skippy, extra baggies, walnuts, granola.

Tent, light, front carry-bag.

Jersey, egg holder, tights, bibs, socks, underpants, jacket, space blanket, wool sweater, passport, notebook.

Arm warmers, wool jersey, shorts, socks, gloves, sunglasses.

Sleeping pad. Not pictured: Laptop, phone, charger, wallet, sleeping bag, pen, multitool, pocket knife, Yeti cup, toothbrush, floss, shoes. The sleeping bag hasn’t arrived yet, so if it doesn’t get here today I’ll be leaving whenever it comes.

I’d like to say I’m brimming with confidence, but with campgrounds closed, the covids on the loose, and a general sense of global disarray … we’ll see.


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32 thoughts on “Take only Molteni, leave only citations for illegal camping”

  1. sun block. homeless guy on a bike I met on the road told me two most important items are cardboard and a magic marker. he never used campgrounds for obvious reasons.

  2. You might contact Mike Hecker. Last year he was renting space on his lot in Santa Ynez for RVs/Camping. It may not be a large hop from Ventura, but its in the correct general direction. From their its about 100 miles to SLO where there are options.

  3. If, you left that folding pad, and added Therm a Rest NeoAir Xlite Sleeping Pad, and moved your tent from handlebars to the back, I wouldn’t change anything. You will need that sleeping bag, so good call.

    Those folding pads are great for young people. While they are quicker to setup and take down, the NeoAir is super comfy.

    Another item I didn’t see there was a Sea-To-Summit pillow. Small and light AF, WAY more comfortable than your cloths in a bag. Just saying.

  4. Skippy?! Your life your choice… Have a great ride and don’t worry about us non subscribers who read your blog religiously every day… we will find something else for free, albeit not as good, and putter along until you return on Monday.

    1. Yep, better bring one of those pumper things! I wonder if I can get somebody to pedal that thing for me?

  5. Some of my best bike touring experiences were camping in places where camping isn’t allowed. Don’t put up your tent and keep it on the DL (can you do that???)

    Also …. NORTH?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY??? My God, the wind.

    Can’t wait to read about all of it.

    1. All my trusted friends assured me there is ZERO WIND after Santa Monica.

  6. Those yellow egg holder things will break your eggs when you hit rough pavement. The eggs don’t fit perfectly and they rattle around. Make your own out of an old school cardboard egg carton. Cut it in half, double up the two halves to hold six eggs, and rubber band it closed. You’ll be much happier. Have a great trip!

  7. I agree with Eric H. about the Neo Air Xlite air mattress and air pillow, but you might get along with out it. Make sure you have two pairs of cycling shorts, preferably different brands, in case one type irritates you somehow. Unless you ride pretty hard, you could use a lightweight wool T-shirt instead of a jersey, and lose the cotton one and keep only one long sleeve plastic jersey. Two pairs of cycling shocks (thin wool) are all you need, sock wise. I’d dump the wool sweater and get a down puffy, thin enough to fit under your rain jacket (so you stay dry and warm when not cycling). You should definitely get a small battery pack to keep phone charged. You’ll have a lot more flexibility for bandit camping. Make sure you always have enough calories on bike for 24 hours; the rest you can buy at stores along the way. Actually, your gear choices are good enough.

    I’m excited for you! Hope you have a great time!

  8. No camping, no problem: https://www.warmshowers.org/
    Terrible name. Great network.
    If you find yourself still riding north when the Canadian border re-opens (if it ever re-opens) just keep riding and let me know when you’re in the Yukon. I’ll let you sleep in my backyard.

    Safe travels!

  9. CREAMY peanut butter? What kind of savage are you? Go crunchy or go home.

    Good luck!

  10. CREAMY peanut butter? What kind of savage are you? Go crunchy or go home.

    Good luck!

  11. What flashlight do you have on your handlebars? Looks awesome and capable of blasting out 10,000 lumens

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