Fall Subscription Drive


If you subscribe to this blog, THANK YOU.

It has roughly 2,000,000 words.

It has more than 2,500 posts and has been published mostly daily for close to ten years.

It covers bikes, bicycling, cycling, riding bikes, and all human-powered two-wheeled endeavors that intersect with life.

This blog is advocacy, travel, humor, satire, reportage, photography, art, absurdism, biography, autobiography, linguistics, fiction, law, gossip, a rare dollop of science, history, book reviews, and Geoffrey Chaucer, all on two wheels.

If you’ve been here more than a couple of times I hope you’ll subscribe. It costs less than a latte, way less, is way more filling, and has way fewer calories.

Do you write? Have you ever written? Then you know how hard it is to meet a 24-hour deadline, much less one that repeats infinitely for ten years.

As my friend Dan recently said, “Eventually every artist, if they’re any good, charges for their work.”

He’s the same guy that said, “I look for different viewpoints because you know, I already know what I think.”

So if you’re here and you’re reading, if you find yourself coming back, and especially if what I write has ever made you smile, well … I appreciate the financial vote of confidence.


Haven’t subscribed yet? Maybe it’s time! Your $2.99/month keeps the pedals turning, the shutter snapping, and the pedals cranking. Please Go ahead and hit this “subscribe” link. Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Fall Subscription Drive”

  1. Joe Notarnicola

    Hi Seth, I thank you for your writing, I’ve been a subscriber for quite a while now and feel that it’s worth every penny, all 299 of them. It’s a shame that most artist “eventually” charge for their work, that should be a given right from the start. Until you’re at a means where you can just give to the world for free and everyone will appreciate it. I began following your page when it was mostly about racing, and it resonated because I was racing. Interestingly though, as I’ve stubbornly moved away from skinny tyre combat toward more experience focused riding your stores have as well. Each blog brings smiles, and/ or laughs, usually contemplation, and much more. And it’s cool because I can experience things through your writing and not have to suffer them. so thank you and please keep it up…..

  2. I would say certainly one of the best uses for 2.99/mo that I have been exposed to over the course of my time here. I don’t even remember when, but I do remember the post and it was a rant against one of your local doping masters racers. It might have been Thorfin Sasquatch or someone close to that name. It was funny enough for me to click down right hand side at other stories where I read the entire series on Turner. I felt like our experience venn diagram had some intersections, and that was worth 2.99 every month. As you wander, apparently homeless, may my 2.99 keep a campsite beneath you, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in your tummy.

  3. I just checked and realized I started subscribing in early 2016, which seems crazy. Totally worth much more than $2.99 a month, no question.

  4. Ok. Re-signed. Took a recent subscription break due to some mental recalibration and being a bit out of brain sync with what you were putting out in the blog. Have really enjoyed the past few months. Thanks for the nudge to fire up the money maker

  5. Hi Seth
    Good luck with the subscription drive, may it fund your continued travels for as long as you feel the need. If it gets too cold over there and the covids / funds allow, how about a European leg of your grand tour? Spare room here if you need it!

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