Photo dump!

The problem with pedaling around in the Pacific Northwest is that there is little to zero cell coverage and littler to zero-er wifi. When I have a connection it is often a baby bar, vanishing as quickly as it came. So I can upload text if I’m quick, but you can forget photos.

This sucks because I have so many, and even the rare good one.

Now I am in redneck Prospect, and even though the RV parks won’t sell me a campsite because of my #BLM mask, fuck ’em, I found a better one by a creek for free. Better yet, the town has a library with an outdoor phone socket (CHARGE EVERYTHING), and 24-hour wifi.

All you have do do is what I am doing now, that is, sit outside on a picnic bench and freeze your ass off while answering emails, working, updating the blog, and uploading pictures. Rather than go back and insert them into the appropriate post, I’m simply doing a photo dump with descriptions. Should help me get caught up wherever up is.


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Mystery thingy posted on the window of new South Bay bike shop “The Dropout Cyclery.” Better name there never was, run by chronic dropouts JP Baby Seal and Peyton “Boozy P.” Cooke.

Horrible beginning of the end on Windigo Pass. I’d ridden thirty miles to Crescent Lake and still had the worst to come. This was nasty washboard and there was a ton of traffic for the first 13 miles, i.e. a truck every mile or so. They were courteous, slowing as they approached, but each one still covered me in (more) dust.

Christie, Adam and Penny, killer dad/daughter biker combo, and gracious hosts in Bend!

Me standing in a stream after taking a wrong turn and getting to eat gravel for late lunch as well as for breakfast and lunch.

A weird plaque commemorating a hunting “accident” in the 1890s. This was near where the state trooper rousted me.

Morning sun through the trees at Diamond Lake. I would have stayed longer but the camp grounds were full. Plus I had to climb up to Crater Lake.

This is my campsite next to Mill Creek a couple of miles outside Prospect. I sleep great with gurgling stream as a lullaby.

Foot shot. That water felt so good …

Coffee before sunrise. It is already in the low 40s in the morning here. Hot coffee next to the creek with a few peeping birds is so amazing, huge Douglas firs towering above.

Crater Lake. Hard way to start your day, pedaling 20 miles uphill, but so incredibly worth it.

I can’t say enough about Sunnyside Sports in Bend. They fixed my front brake, squeezed me into the repair queue, and were awesome in every way. Also, the rear derailleur and rear brake fix that Dan Melkonian had done back in Trout Lake was still going strong! As if Bend hadn’t been good enough to me, I also ran into Jon, who offered me a yard to camp in if I needed one!

4 thoughts on “Photo dump!”

  1. Good to see some more photos.

    About getting lost, do you know how to download maps using Google Maps on your iPhone? If you do this for the area you will cover until the next WiFi spot, you won’t need cellular data coverage to see where you are and where you want to go. You’ll just need to make sure you have a clear sky for the GPS satellites to see you.

    The downloaded maps may not be as detailed as live ones via via cellular data, but sure better than nothing. So while you are uploading your photos at a WiFi spot you could also be downloading Google maps. I suspect you know this already, but just making sure.


  2. Great Pics! Well its 90 degrees in Santa Monica. so in envy of your cool mornings. Lookout, I’m getting my flat pedals installed this week – you are a bad influence.

  3. Hey Seth, I’ve enjoyed following your journey. I gotta say it though – you know you should be wearing your mask over your nose, not under right?

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