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22 thoughts on “Subscriber alert!”

  1. “I’m not gonna pay for that fucking wall.”
    Vincenti Fox

    Actually, I don’t know what a paywall is, but bring it on!

      1. If you subscribe twice, from two different emails is it a wash and you get unlimited lifetime access for free?

  2. Ironic that your announcement of a paywall precedes a discourse on benevolence toward people of color and those less advantaged. I’m not sure which is evinced greater…your white privilege or your lawyerly entitlement.

    1. What exactly is ironic here? What lawyerly entitlement is evinced when an artist, I don’t think I am stretching any definitions here, wants to get some level of compensation for their work? Especially when said artist has basically given away his work for some 6-7 years (or more?) now. What Seth returns to at the end of this is anyone’s guess, but I am pretty sure that a high paying lawyerly bicycle crash lawyer shingle didn’t make Seth millions of dollars that would allow him to continue being so benevolent. I bought his book, and read it, and liked it, but I don’t recall seeing it on anyone’s best seller list, other than maybe the South Bay Cycling Best Sellers List. Also, I think anyone who has read Seth’s blog for any amount of time can find benevolence peppered throughout many of his themes.

      Maybe I read your comment wrong, but something about it rubs me the wrong way. Apologies in advance if that is the case.

      1. Haaaaa! Because daily writing is EZ and should therefore be free! Henry works for free somewhere by the way, at Bill’s Free Shop of Free Stuff. He also thinks that the hundreds if pro bono hours of legal representation I’ve provided to poor people and people simply being ground up is lawyerly entitlement.

    2. If you are a person who can’t afford to subscribe but for whom this blog is important daily reading, email me and I’ll make sure you have access.

    1. Three freebies a month. You will somehow survive. And no one who reads this blog with any regularity has a life survival margin of $2.99/month. It’s just poormouthing.

        1. Being frugal is a good thing. Using it as an excuse not to pay for shit that you value is lame.

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