It’s the other way around

Were we meant to rise with … this?

Stiff muscles come from not using them, not from overuse. This is because you were not using your fascia continuously all day, and your fascia is what binds everything together. Including each tiny sarcomere.

Flexibility comes from scrunching into and out of a tent squatting, sitting cross-legged, cooking on the ground, doing everything on the ground. You don’t need yoga or stretching for flexibility when you are constantly using your limbs as intended.

Hair is better covered in the natural oil secreted from your scalp and combed, perhaps washed with cold water occasionally. Soap a/k/a shampoo strips it, dries it, damages it, kills it. Oily hair is more water repellent when it rains and it keeps your head warmer without a cap.

Vitamin D and constant exposure to sunlight are damaging to the skin in some ways, but incredibly healthy for your mind and body. The risk of skin cancer is less than the risk of unhappiness.

Gaining strength from long, all day endurance rides is great for your body overall, though you will lose short bursts of speed need to ensure victory at the city limit sign, about which no serious person gives a fuck.

Strenuous living strengthens the muscles that you need to survive, and you lose the muscles that are just there for show or for some other “fitness” purpose, cf. “six-pack abs.”

Your body adapts to burning body fat for everything that you do. You have huge energy stores that are unavailable because you feed your muscles with gel shots and similar candy bars and shit to stave off hunger and bonking before your body can begin to metabolize the fat. But your body becomes extremely efficient at burning the stores it has if you will let it. You burn more calories on the road, but you don’t eat that much more. So you end up skinnier.

Comfort food is very uncomfortable when you are deprived of car, house, lazy boy, and similar conveniences because it makes you fat. Every extra pound impedes you as you squat, stretch, get up and down off the ground 20 times a day, get on and off your bike 20 times a day, and do all of the other things required to live on the bike.

Your biorhythms synchronize with the rising and setting of the sun, which makes you feel happier and more relaxed. The opposite is synchronizing to an alarm. Just the word “alarm” should tell you all you need to know.

Your cortisol levels adjust to the three main stressors of shelter, elements, and food. Psychosocial stress essentially vanishes, along with various neuroses, i.e., adaptations to those stressors. Psychosocial stress is responsible for seven of the most common 10 causes of mortality.

Bike riding is responsible for the most 10 common causes of … happiness!


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