The paywall is coming! The paywall is coming!

Thanks to all the subscribers who have received login emails and set up passwords for their fancy, new CitSB account.

The dreaded or beloved paywall goes into effect in a couple of days; if you haven’t received an email that lets you set up a password please let me know via email,, or via text, (424) 241-8118.

If you are not a PayPal subscriber but subscribe by cash or check, email/text me so I can send you a login/password email.

If you are destitute and cannot afford $2.99/month along with your CBD/beer/Pornhub habit, email me and I will refer your request for a free subscription to the Subscription Committee.

Below is an IFAQ, Infrequently Asked Questions, in the event you have trouble setting up your account:

  1. How do I log in? Click “Login” in the main menu or go to this page
  2. What email address should I use to login? Use the email address for your PayPal account.
  3. Where can I reset my password? Click the “Lost your password?” link on the login page ( or click this link
  4. Can I change the email I use to log in? After you are logged in visit “Edit Your Profile” in the My Account menu or go to
  5. How do I view my subscription details? After you are logged in click “Your Membership” in the My Account menu or go to
  6. How do I update my payment method?Your billing details can be updated from inside your PayPal account.
  7. Can I set up PayPal with my wife’s PayPal email, but have the blog delivered to my own email? Yes. Email me the address you want the blog notifications delivered to and I will add it into the database. Send your email to
  8. Will the Wily Greek and Joey C. get a free subscription? No.
  9. How many subscribers do you really have to justify all this nonsense? Two.
  10. I’ve been freeloading for years. Can I donate a random amount? Yes.
  11. I’ve calculated that this comes out to nine cents a day. If you miss a day, will I get my nine cent refund for each day you don’t publish? No.
  12. I have two subscriptions. Will I get two separate daily posts? No.
  13. Do you really plan to survive on income from a fuggin’ cycling blog? Yes.
  14. Why don’t you just run ads so I can keep reading for free? Because.
  15. Isn’t the paywall going to diminish the number of people who read your blog? Yes, just like the showroom paywall diminishes the number of people who can drive a Ferrari. Only this is a bit cheaper.
  16. I hate you but read the blog daily. Can I create a fake account so that you don’t know who I am? Yes.
  17. Will you be cross-posting blogs on #socmed so I can still read them for free? No.
  18. What if I share someone else’s account so it only costs 4.5 cents a day instead of 9? That’s between you and them.
  19. Oh, c’mon. Be a pal! No. But I will be your PayPal.
  20. How many free reads do I get if I refuse to subscribe? Three a month.
  21. Fukstix. How do I subscribe? Hit the button at the top of the page. The Internets and PayPal will do the rest. Or send cash/check to Seth Davidson, 21250 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 500, Torrance, CA 90503.


20 thoughts on “The paywall is coming! The paywall is coming!”

  1. David Evan Atkinson

    I foolishly subscribed a few years ago, and neither one of email addresses is recognized when I attempt to sign in, now what?

    1. I couldn’t find the invite email, so I proceeded to Lost my fuggin password, and it all worked!

    1. 1987, April, Ome Kaido outside of Tokyo with Ken Iijima, star triathlete and now (I think) head of the Japan Olympic Triathlon Committee. And yes, I whupped his butt good. I think the guy behind is Miki Yamamoto, a triathlete who should have been a pro road racer. He tore our legs off ..

    1. That is the famed Eurosport kit designed by Jeff Fields, sponsored by Bill Lewis Imports. The geek is.

      1. I’m submitting current info to the Akismet folks once again. If you could send me any other friendlies who are being caught, that would help them solve it.

  2. I did it! I feel so proud, it’s a wonder what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it

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