Car shopping!

I finally decided that I can’t live without a car.

You want to know the truth? Depending on a bike has ruined my life. And I got up this morning determined to do something about it.

Because the people who were most impacted by it are my family. Especially my grandkids. Not having a car has limited so many of the things that we can do together. I’m not a car person especially, but it’s time to quit fooling myself, I decided, and take the plunge.

I’ve not driven since August 17, 2019, and have been truly carless since December of last year. That’s long enough, right? I’ve made my point, haven’t I?

Of course the biggest and most exciting question is which car?

Glad I have a plethora of choices, and all so close by.

I’ve always secretly liked classic cars. Who wouldn’t want to show off a 1968 Camaro? A Chevy Nova SS? A Bel-Air? Or maybe even a classic pickup with three on the tree?

Another option I’ve always secretly admired? Sporty cars. Maybe not a crazy high-end Italian one, but what about an Alfa Romeo? Or on the domestic end, a Mustang or a Charger?

But back to reality and grandkids. What really makes sense is an SUV; nowadays they don’t have to be so stodgy. I can see myself walking out with an Audi, or even a Rage Rover (the cheaper one).

Pickups are probably out, but as the former owner of a 1979 Silverado, a 2000 and 2002 Silverado … maybe not!

Now then, with conscience always in play, the best bet is probably electrical. Although he is a bit confused about the effects of a heavy bicycle, Darell D. knows everything when it comes to Teslas. And although his advice regarding bikes and trailers is a touch suspect, Marvin C. has got all the inside dope on the all-electric Leaf.

Happiness is a new car!

I crunched all the options, did all my homework, threw money and caution to the wind, and pulled the trigger on what I hope will be the last car purchase I make in a long while.

Insurance, at least, was cheap.


14 thoughts on “Car shopping!”

      1. If only we could ignore your personal emissions. Or stop them somehow. That’s some nasty GHG’s right there.

  1. I think you might know someone with an “in” at Hot Wheels! You will never have to pay for another car again… 😜

  2. Can you send someone over to remove the hook from my left cheek? I took that because it looked like a tasty morsel, but I was just an innocent victim, minding my own business, and thought “Geez, I guess Seth really needed a car. Just before he heads out on a 4000 mile journey”. I am a SUCKER!!!!

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