Turned a corner

Just undet 100 miles yesterday with countless stops and starts including 50 miles of concretescape from Peoria to Gilbert. Legs felt fantastic and I finally adapted to the backpack. Averaged over 13 mph including two lunch breaks and helping two women change a flat … on their car. New Rivet saddle breaking in nicely; so happy to have persevered. I knew panniers sucked but it took a lot of time and discomfort to make so many adaptations so quickly. Faster, lighter, more nimble, and cheaper: pick four.

Today is a hard day with much climbing.

Tasted … good?
Motel room flats are the best!
Wickenburg sunrise.
So near but downhill tailwind to boot!
Second flat of the day!
Of course the spare turned out to be flat … oh, well!
Not sure I need any more of these.
Blue skies, ruggy, asshey berd.
Lunch with benefits.
Endless Phoenix bike path. Cannot imagine in the heat.
More …
Oreos stashed safely.
Infinite “no” list. No shopping carts?
Saw zero bike-walk.
Not feelin it.
My tub toy.
Dandle while hosts work out!
More toys!
Happiness is a big ol ranch dog.


12 thoughts on “Turned a corner”

  1. Which Rivet saddle are you using? I’ve been looking at them but having a hard time convincing myself to spend that much. Stay safe.

  2. My eyes are welling up Emily had a baby ❤️ Same beautiful smile ! So great you got to see her safe travels getting close!

  3. Glad you turned the corner, Seth. Lately I’ve thought you were about to go around the bend.

  4. Seth, I’ve been on that bike path in the heat. It goes on for seemingly for…ever.


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