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December 30, 2020 Comments Off on Cheryl Bain

When I was riding back from Canada, I met a woman named Cheryl Bain. I wrote about her here; Cheryl cares for and rescues animals in Tehachapi, as well as the occasional cyclist.

Afterwards one of my subscribers, a guy name Al, asked if there weren’t some way for people to help her out. I said I would reach out to Cheryl and get some more detailed information, and post it here in the event people wanted to help. That was back in October, now it’s December, a day or so shy of the new year. Time flies.

Below is a short note from Cheryl, describing one of her rescue animals, a horse named Lungta:

I go through the barn to get Lungta’s rope halter. One horse after another greets me from their stalls. I head to the pasture to get Lungta and halter him. The farrier, James McKenzie, arrives. He begins work on trimming Lungta’s hooves. Lungta is so comfortable that his eyes close and he appears in a deep rest. James is done and I return Lungta to his herd in the pasture.

I head up the hill to see a young 2-year-old mustang. The horse is buckskin in color with black markings on his mane, tail, and strip down his back spine. This horse was born in the wild and may have journeyed many a mile in a day. His hooves appear rounded and solid from the rough terrain he was born in.

Due to overgrazing by wild mustangs in the Western United States, some are rounded up and offerred for adoption. This was the fate of this young horse. The afternoon sun has begun as I get into my car. As I turn the key to start rhe engine I notice a young alligator lizard looking up at me from my pant leg. I assure the youngun that I will take its photo. I then explain that we will need to part ways. The lizard will need to return to the wild. I get out and dust the lizard off. Life feels now in balance as I head back to Tehachapi.

I have the one rescue horse named Lungta, two rescue dogs (small and large), fourteen rescue cats, and seven rescue kittens. Lungta is kept in a pasture and he is fed and watered by the people that own the land. I groom and work with him. All the other animals I care for completely.

The two male kittens are getting neutered on Wednesday and Lungta needs his teeth worked on at the end of this month. In December I need to get the five female kittens fixed. All the kittens need vacinations too. So it will a busy time with the vets.
I am still trying to get the small and large pet gazebos repaired. The weather here in Tehachapi has definately gotten colder!

You can help Cheryl by mailing her, her horse, her dogs, and her kitties a very old-fashioned paper check to:

Cheryl Bain
1085 Voyager Drive #1646
Tehachapi, CA 93561

If you don’t want to send a check you can also PayPal me the money and I will mail the check to her on your behalf. Don’t forget to include a note to let you know what the PayPal money is for. Thanks and happy new year!


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