Lightning bolt

January 6, 2021 § 11 Comments

Have you ever lain in bed or sat on the couch waiting for a bolt of energy to invigorate you so that you could hop on your bike? Do the dishes? Start making the selection of which piece of junk gets to live and which gets to die before next week’s move?

Or what about THAT EMAIL?

You know, the one that sits in your inbox like Jabba the Hut, befouling every other email and your daily happiness as it dares you to tackle it? The one that’s been there since August?

Whatever the odious task, have you ever found yourself awaiting a visit from the Energy God? And then wondered why she never showed up? And then woken up the next day to find the same bike unridden, the same dishes besmirched, the same un-expanded cardboard moving box leaning against the bed?

The SAME Jabba the Hut in your inbox?

Well, there is reason that you cannot ride your bike when you are in bed or the recliner. It is because you are in the bed or the recliner, cf. Bay Boys on Mom’s Couch. The rule is simply that the more you sit, the more you sit.

The corollary? Equally succinct: The more you do, the more you do. It’s summed up in this well-worn adage: “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.”

This is the first time since my early 20s that I’ve spent so much time in bed recovering from, well, anything. And what I’ve noticed is that the less I do, the less I want to do. What happened to the guy who started his day in an ice-tent with a cup of gruel and then faced down a 9-hour solo ride into the emptiness of the West Texas desert?

Where is the fellow who, after spending all day grinding himself into a pulp, propped himself up in a tiny tent and with one crooked finger typed out a daily 500+ word blog? And answered work emails? And work phone calls?

I’ll tell you where he is. He is in bed. And from the looks of things, unless that lightning bolt magically strikes, he’s not going to be leaving it any time soon.


That plastic thing is a cat laser toy.

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