Sourdough pancakes

January 10, 2021 § 12 Comments

It is axiomatic that a January cyclist seeking maximum recovery and preparation for a grueling 2022 season must, on Sunday, eat sourdough pancakes.

These li’l darlins are filled with cycling-rich nutrients such as carbs, fat, sugar, oil, lipids, sucrose, fructose, triacylglycerols, glycogen, and of course phospholipids and sterols. In fact, this coterie of diverse nutrients has been scientifically proven to comprise a complete meal sufficient for a Tour competitor or even more intensely, a Peloton/Zwift subscriber.

But how do you make them?

The easiest way is to go to Uncle Bill’s Pancake House, wait for two hours, and then consume a plate of soggy non-sourdough pancakes with soggy bacon and frozen orange juice for $34.98 (tip not included). The next easiest way is to purchase pancake mix that takes all six IQ points out of measuring and mixing stale and dehydrated ingredients. The most difficult way, utilizing all six IQ points, is to make them yourself.

Which is what we did. This meal contains a total of 250 kcals, 100% of your RDA for fiber, and .05% of the RDA for butter, fat, processed sugar, and guilt. So you can eat it knowing that you are going to crush it on the next group ride in June!

Step 1: Grind that rye!
Scoop the goop!
Rye flour power!
Rise … and shine
Oooh, you salty boy!
The yolks, folks!
If you wanna make a pancake, ya gotta break an egg.
Resolutions are for 2022. Or 3.
Whip it good!
Teflon need not apply.
Batter, batter, whatsa matter?
For bacon ya better don yer apron.
Boil the oil.
(Don’t) Feel the burn.
Sourdough pancake messiah w/halo.
Flip it good!
Sizzlin whizzlin!
So good for ya. Trust me.
Stack ’em, rack ’em, smack ’em.
Ye, though I walk in the valley of bacon.
I forgive you for you are about to sin.
That’s all, folks!


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§ 12 Responses to Sourdough pancakes

  • Jonathan Phillips says:

    Ok, grinding the flour yourself is another level but have never understood buying ready made pancake mix

    • fsethd says:

      Another level of crazy.

    • Jon Hallander says:

      It is not an inexpensive investment either, but if you you use it a lot, then it is well worth it. And not the cheap grinding plates of a kitchen aid miller, but the kind that has a rotating stone, like the one Seth has. Fresh flour is a revelation in goodness, and when you get used to it, you can make all kinds of specialty flours. Simply add any legume you wish. Yum yum.

      • fsethd says:

        Some people spend their extra nickels on ugly homes surrounded by traffic and partying, half-naked surfers.

        Some people spend it on Austrian electric grain mills so that they can eat tasty food.

        Choices! Austrian mill is $750 and lasts a lifetime. Ugly house has monthly property taxes of $7500 and it is just as ugly, or rather uglier after 20 years, than it was the day it was built.

        Austrian grain mill resells on eBay immediately for close to the original purchase price. Ugly house loses value and cannot be resold for anything approaching the purchase price because no one wants to pay millions to live next to a traffic jam.

        Moral: eschew the ugly house, buy the mill.

    • fsethd says:

      It’s that awesome description on the box and the more awesome photo. So much more appealing than “flour, egg, salt, milk, baking soda.”

  • Todd says:

    Surprised you didn’t use the bacon grease to fry the pancakes…?

  • Eggo says:

    We make a couple dozen, then put the extras in the freezer. They’re great in the toaster for the next several days.

  • michelleryryback says:

    LOL, never have i ever seen actual dishes in that kitchen. #shockandawe

  • tonyd says:

    Wait! Only 3 pieces of bacon?!

  • Jon Hallander says:

    There are two things I see here that I needs explain’n

    1) What is the purpose of the SD goop in this recipe? Flavor only? I have no perception of time here, but there doesn’t appear to be any time given for the SD yeastie beasties to get their ducks in order and start to break down some of the raw starches in the batter.

    2) You are wearing your Filson Wool Coat as an apron inside in the Southern California. Are SC residences not equipped with heat for those cold AF January pancake making days?

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