Mobile bike shop: Thanks to all who donated!

Since my request on Feb. 12 during Black History Month to help raise $7,000 for East Side Riders and their effort to buy a mobile bike shop for Watts, readers and donors contributed a whopping $4,004.00.

As I said in my blog post, at month’s end I would cover the balance personally between what you contributed and what remained to reach the fundraising goal. Here it is:

I spoke with John Jones, and ESR is going to have the mobile bike shop up and running by the end of March/early April. I will write an update for the rollout when it happens.

Thanks to everyone who was moved by John’s mission, and to everyone who was willing to donate money in order to help get functioning bike service and repairs in the Watts community.

Each pedal stroke adds up to long distances!


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7 thoughts on “Mobile bike shop: Thanks to all who donated!”

  1. Thanks for the update, Seth. Sorry you had to cover so much, yourself, and thanks for doing it!

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