It was a good interval

I got back from a four-day bike ride in the Southern Sierra yesterday and realized that the tank is empty.

Ten-and-a-half-almost years is a long time (for me) to write about Cycling in the South Bay, especially since I’m no longer in the South Bay and no longer writing about cycling there, and often not even writing about cycling at all.

It has been a big motivator to have readers and especially to have subscribers who value what I write enough to pay for it. Professionalism, however modest in scope, has its own satisfactions.

I’ve been enriched by the people who have taken the time to comment, to write privately, or to tell me in person that what I wrote made them laugh, cry, shudder, or shake in rage. Mostly the thing I loved was knowing that I’d written something that someone smiled at.

Part of knowing when to quit is being able to look at yourself and say, “Why am I doing this?” and, after listening to the answer, to know that it’s not good enough. Even if I don’t know the right answer, I know the wrong one.

I may pick this up again, but at this point in my life I don’t see how. Now might be a good time to cancel your subscription. If not, I’ll go into PayPal and manually turn it off in the coming week. Anyone who wants a refund on their most recent $2.99 payment please let me know and I’ll reverse the charge; you can text me at (424) 241-8118. If you sent a check text me your mailing address.

The blog itself will be online until October 1, 2021, after which time all of the contents will be deleted.

Thanks for the support, for the non-support, and for being the best audience any cycling blogger ever had.

With love–



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