Saturday group ride

July 16, 2022 Comments Off on Saturday group ride

I haven’t been on a group ride in over two years, and last night I decided to do one on Saturday. There is something about riding with others that solitary pedaling just can’t provide.

I got to the start early. The only ones already there were the three pine trees. We exchanged pleasantries anda little smack talk. Pre-ride chatter is always superficial.

Then the sun showed up, wedging himself between the pines and spreading all over everything like a warm breakfast. He’s always got to preen. “Where’re the others?” I asked.

“They’re going to hop in at various points,” the sun answered.

A minute or so after starting, my shadow hopped in. He looked pretty fit. “Gonna be a beatdown,” I said to myself.

The pace was steady. It’s uphill the first 13 miles, on dirt, with about 4k of climbing. Soon enough I was pinned.

Before long we had a couple of scrub jays, a titmouse, and a raven. It was noisy af but all I could do was pedal. I didn’t have the lungs to talk.

When we got above 5,000 feet, the gray pines and scrub oak got dropped, and we were joined by the big timber: red cedars, giant ponderosas, even a sequoia. The hitters were all there, or so I thought.

Right before the summit in hopped Brer Bear. We tried to drop him but couldn’t. His teammates golden eagle and red-tailed hawk rode tempo at the front so he could hang on.

The descent was nucking futs. White-breasted nuthatch, robin, summer tanager, Steller’s jay, and mountain chickadee bombed the downhill and shelled everyone.

I sprinted with doe and baby fawn for the scraps.

I think I’m going to join them next week, too. 37 miles, 5400 feet, and 98% dirt in four hours, forty-two minutes. Riding with others is what makes you stronger.


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