Getting ready …

August 26, 2022 Comments Off on Getting ready …

There is something fun about getting ready for a bike trip. Maybe it’s the smell of the gear, redolent of dirt and the musty odors of trips past. Maybe it’s the anticipation of going down the road feelin’ bad I mean good, or maybe it’s the excitement of seeing new stones, new water, new trees, new sky.

Doubtless too, it’s the fun of saddling up with my partner in pedals, someone who likes the sweat, the dirt, the grit, the shitty food, the hard ground, and the labor just as much as I do, or rather, more.

One of my favorite albums used to be “Getting Ready” by Freddie King. He’s standing there on the cover with a cigarette dangling off his lip like an appendage, his hand jamming the cord into the bottom of his guitar, and his eyes gazing off to the side at someone with a look that says, “I’m getting ready motherfuckers and then we are gonna play.”

Serious as hell about some serious play. That’s how it feels.



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