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I’ve been drinking again, three nights in a row now.

The first night we stopped into the brewery to get growlers filled for our guests. On the menu was their award-winning IPA “Citra,” brewed twice yearly in small batches.

“Let’s get one while they’re filling the growlers.”

“Okay,” Kristie said, looking at me strangely. “Are you going to be okay?”


I had the beer, which tasted wonderful because ethanol is addictive and I’m addicted to it. After seven weeks of no ethanol, the effect was immediate and awesome. I had that one pint and we went home. Everyone else was drinking at the cabin except Pepper but I’d had enough.

The next evening I joined in the drinking. I had two beers and got pretty drunk. The next morning I felt bad because of drymouth and I’d slept poorly. “I really don’t want anymore beer today,” I said making breakfast. “It tastes like shit.”

Last night I returned to the shit, drinking two and a half pints and getting sloshed. I sobered up before bedtime but sat around the Christmas lamp with my head disconnected. It had been an amazing day, and Tiana had baked an incredible cake. Even though you know the ethanol adds nothing good, somehow I drank it anyway.


I got up this morning and felt okay. Another year older but no wiser and certainly no smarter. At this point, as long as there are people and fresh beer around, it’s impossible not to join in.

Ethanol is the most addictive chemical we know of, twice as addictive as heroin.



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