Strange streets

March 7, 2023 Comments Off on Strange streets

People outdoors.

They are walking, talking, smoking cigarettes, joking, making food, eating, drinking, lounging, sitting on curbs, cutting flowers, pressing tortillas, lifting heavy steel shutters, sidestepping potholes, slamming down hoods, rolling tires, pedaling bicycles, pushing strollers, laughing, yelling, cursing, working on cars, holding hands, ducking into shops, carrying bags, climbing ladders, walking dogs, checking their phones, snapping pictures, hailing cabs, swinging sledgehammers, digging trenches, standing in groups, standing singly, singing, playing guitar, listening to music, counting out change, leaning out of windows, hanging laundry, pushing mops and brooms, knocking on doors, playing in playgrounds, kicking soccer balls, nursing infants, bantering, life.



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