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You’ve discovered the home of Cycling in the South Bay, and its legal disclaimer. That’s apparently what happens when you Google “narrow ass gay cyclist porn Devil’s Punchbowl bike racing 2012.” It is a humble little abode, built as it is of electrons and populated with  strange and irreverent thoughts. Despite being in the heart of the overcrowded, toxic shithole that is Los Angeles, my South Bay stomping grounds are chock full of spectacular rides and are blessed with blissful year-round riding weather. I’d invite you to come stay with us but we’re really busy that week.

What this blog is and isn’t a/k/a “disclaimer”

This blog consists entirely of my opinions regarding cycling, cyclists, training, racing, and related matters, including vulgarity as it relates to cycling, and my full carbon wheels, which are made of 100% carbon and are full carbon. My legal disclaimer? Nothing on these pages including references to people, races, or events is anything other than fiction, satire, or parody. Although the urge is often irresistible to try and figure out “who” this is about, in reality it’s not about anyone, least of all you. Just take a deep breath when you think you’re the victim of some dogawful calumny and repeat, “Fiction, satire, parody. Fiction, satire, parody.” It’s not real. And please don’t come up to me on some fucking ride and go, “Hey, Wankmeister!” He’s not real, either.

This is another way of saying that everything on this blog is true, except for the parts I make up, which is all of it. There’s the disclaimer again.

All content copyright 2021 by Seth Davidson.

Are you my client? *Final disclaimer*

I’m a lawyer licensed to practice in California, but nothing on this web site constitutes the creation of an attorney-client relationship between you and me. I’m not your lawyer, you’re not my client, and for the purposes of this blog in particular and life in general, let’s keep it that way. This is an opinion blog, so don’t rely on it for anything other than entertainment, or as a way to start a fight. Legal commentary is my opinion only and not specific to your case, your problem, or something you saw on the tee-vee. Nothing here is a guarantee, warranty, or suggestion that I can help you with your legal matter in any way whatsoever. Any case results posted here should be regarded as nothing short of a fuggin’ miracle.

26 thoughts on “Disclaimers and about and stuff”

    1. Unfortunately, Wanky hit the “Publish” button instead of the “Save draft” button with calamitous results. He is now frantically typing to make his deadline in order that the millions who follow this blog (and the Fortune 500 entities whose advertising makes this noble endeavor possible) will be able to revel in each pedal stroke of FTR 2012 before day’s end.

  1. Hey Seth – how come you use the word “Wank”? That’s British slang, are you an ex-Limey? I was racing in SoCal back in the 80’s when you started, but even by that time, I was racing with the 40+ gang. Mind you, I could usually beat them….. Club was Team Hollywood – the “Best Jersey in the West!”

    1. I love foreign languages and borrow from them all the time. In fact, it’s my dream to visit the UK one day, but it’s going to take a while until I learn English.

      1. Aha! Now I know the reason your professional page shows French, Japanese, Spanish and German. Oh and wanker speak! Don’t know how you keep all those straight.

  2. I wrote a little post about cycling today and I don’t know, for some reason I want you to read it. I was looking for a way to email you without leaving a comment because I’m not trying to spam your readers with my blog. Have a great day!

    1. fsethd@gmail.com

      Or friend me on FB and send it as a message!

      You can link your stuff here any time. It’s never spamming if you’re a friend…or an enemy, as long as it’s related to cycling, or people, or something that exists in the universe, or something that someone once said or thought. Anything else and it’s SPAM!

  3. Have enjoyed your blog since reading about it in Peloton
    magazine last month. Then, out of the blue, while playing scrabble
    with my two kids in the lobby of a Santa Barbara hotel, I heard you
    introduce yourself during a Spy presentation. Wow, serendipity!
    Meant to say say hello and introduce myself… but you guys cleared
    out too quickly. Great blog- South Bay rider- WF

  4. Seth, great to have met you in Bend,Or. Enjoying your blog. Now to go check out your gopro videos. Hope to see you around or maybe at the beer cooler at the SPY tent soon. X Kristi

  5. Thanks Seth, I’m glad others are making the point that lane control is not about being nice, it is about being assertive, not hostile or aggressive, in order to drive one’s bike defensively, and in so doing, make it easy for the motorist to choose lane change over buzz pass (that gutter bunnies routinely receive).

    1. Yah. If everyone was nice, we wouldn’t need laws.

      I never consider lane control hostile or aggressive, but many drivers perceive it that way. To hell with them — as long as they’re forced to choose between running me over and adjusting their behavior, the cyclist wins.

      Drivers may bluff with horns and middle fingers and shouts, but when push comes to shove the risk of getting clipped when you’re in the gutter far outweighs the risk of someone intentionally hitting you from behind.

      I would have never believed this two years ago, but since following the precepts that are routinely outlined on the CABO listserve, I’ve learned that if you want to ride in the safest position, you have to control the lane.

  6. I have to say that Wankmeister is the finest,smartest,coolest,fastest,friendliest,most respected,hard core liberal,Obama lover,tree hugger,leftist,that I have ever known. Come to think of it he is the only liberal,Obama lover,tree hugger,leftist that I know. I am from and live in Texas and unlike California we don’t hug trees we cut them down and for the most part we are flag waving,right wing,conservatives,low IQ,over weight,Dallas Cowboy loving (in spite of Jerry Jones). He is the owner of the Cowboys for all you left coast wankers who don’t follow football. I have been fortunate to reconnect with Wankmeister recently and have read his book Cycling in the South Bay. One of the best books I have ever read even if it’s the only book I have ever read. I even signed up for his blog @ $2.99 per month and that is a big deal for me because I am so tight I squeak when I walk. I love you Wankmeister and can’t wait to drop your slow ass on the next hammerfest.
    Matt Mcsuccess.

  7. Carla Koehler

    Hi Seth, depending on your travel route and my schedule.. if you travel goes through port Angeles Washington, would be happy to share some local cuisine and offer accommodation. .. i am from the westside and wlll be visiting my niece. I used to be a pretty hardcore touring cyclist in a previous life

    1. Thank you! Please text me at 424-241-8118 and if I’m through there and in dire straits will reach out!

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