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When I began this blog, many moons ago, I had no idea that it would continue as long as it has. But it did, either because I had something to say or because I had something I couldn’t not say, and the result continues to morph and expand as, daily, a few hundred or a thousand more words get added to the pile of musings that make up south bay cycling and all that surrounds it. Eventually, inevitably perhaps, it resulted in a page exhorting you to buy the book.

I first had to try and separate the wheat from the chaff, throw away the wheat, and make a book out of the chaff that remained, a book that would sum up the worst, and occasionally the best, of what it’s like to ride your bike in Los Angeles and its environs. The thousands of pages and millions of words that have made up this blog since 2011 have been refined, purified, purged, pared, and edited down to their barest essentials. The result? A book entitled, surprise, “Cycling in the South Bay.” Originality is hard …

You can buy it here: Amazon digital format, compatible with the Kindle, or paperback for the old-fashioned among us. For a book about bike riding, it has garnered a slew of reviews; please check them out beforehand and they will give you a good sense of what you’re buying. If you read it, adding a review at Amazon would be greatly appreciated!




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33 thoughts on “Buy the book!”

  1. Hi Seth, I’m unable to find your book on Smashwords. I found it on Amazon, but however I conduct my search, I still can’t find it. Any thoughts?

    1. Yes, they won’t list it because it has curse words in it. You have to go directly to the book link, which is:

      Also, you can download an Amazon Kindle app on your smart phone for free and then buy it from Amazon. Let me know if you have any problems, and if you get a copy, I’d be most appreciative if you would leave a review on Amazon. Thanks, Tom!

  2. Great stuff, Seth. I was reading it in bed and got to “The Taste of Bitter” (best one-sentence description of a turd ever written). Needing to lose it, but not wanting to wake my wife up, I figured I would suppress my laughter with violent convulsions (which it turns out will also wake your wife up).

    Anyway, she asks me, “What the hell is so funny?”

    Wasn’t sure what the correct answer was supposed to be…”reading about some guy’s turd before a bike race”? I went with, “uh, bike stuff”, which, for some reason I don’t understand, didn’t make her more interested in “bike stuff”.

    Thanks, this stuff is fucking genius!

  3. Seth, I’ve read few attempts at prose that have brought tears to my eyes, but I think this is the first work that has brought both tears of joy and sadness, especially in such close proximity. The joy was simple and profound, the sadness was complex, poignant, tragic and visceral. The degree to which you are willing to expose yourself and your humanity, makes it seem like you are inviting us to do the same. You have turned your pain, loss and well earned successes into something remarkably profound and I suspect universal.
    Thanks for the great ride!
    Tom Morgan

    P.S. As soon as I can do it justice, I’ll post a review.

  4. Hi Seth, Amazon is making me wait 48 hours after my purchase before it will allow me to write a review. I’ll have it posted as soon as the time expires. Thanks again for a really wonderful read.

  5. I’m buying this book for a few friends as an xmas gift ! I’m also promoting it via a few listserves down here in San Diego. We need a blog and presence of your kind down here….your stuff is so entertaining and I only understand 10% of what’s going on up there of which 5% comes from my bfriend John Walsh so who knows if it’s true ! ha…just kidding honey.

  6. I just downloaded your great book. I was looking forward tonight to a big glass of wine and “Japanese Death Poems.” But, I guess I’ll have to lower myself and jump into “Cycling in the South Bay.” As a Japanese scholar you will appreciate the sacrifice I am making. But laughing is where it is at and you make it happen! Many thanks.

  7. Your book just made it to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Hope it has proper English, not sure what they use in Cali-For-Nia

  8. Damn book. Fuggin kindle app on my phone reports that based on my paltrey 4th grade reading level, I only have 1hr 39 minutes of laughing left before I am finished with your book. Then what?

    Some funny funny stuff.

  9. Seth,

    As much as I appreciate ebooks and the like, is there a way for me to support both deforestation and you at the same time?

    1. Ha!! Of course!!

      You can buy a copy of Cycling in the South Bay (rain forest deforestation version) on Amazon at:

      You can also kill a few seedlings by mailing a paper check to:
      Seth Davidson
      20355 Hawthorne Blvd., 2F
      Torrance, CA 90503

      You can also make a difference by mailing out the letter I’ll be drafting tomorrow, making one or two phone calls and, if you live in the LA area, joining us on a ride to demonstrate for lawful application of the law on PCH.

  10. I just bought your book from Amazon a week ago, timely as we lost one of our local club presidents on the road this weekend. Your words at gripping deep in Ontario, Canada this week

  11. The dood that gave you a one star review on Amazon has anti diarrhea pills on his Amazon wish list – Isn’t that something you just go buy, not mull over in your head for a while?

    Hey I can get your book used for $6.38 from Goodwill or for $224 from Canada – Canada one must be full carbon –

    1. Go with the Canadian model. It includes a year’s supply of anti-diarrhea pills. Which are also full carbon made of 100% carbon.

      1. Hell yeah, book comes Wednesday – I can mail it into the law offices with a “donation” and get a signature and a doodle right? Can you draw a picture of G$ doing big ring intervals up Hawthorne?

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