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True badassery

It is difficult to know nowadays if a person is a badass or simply highly skilled with #socmed, The Stravver, Instabag, and etcetera. Actually, it’s not that difficult. You can …

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The Invention of Capitalism by Michael Perelman describes the process of primitive accumulation that started capitalism.

Why are people poor?

Capitalism didn’t magically spring up from the earth, it was invented by people as a way to steal the labor of the peasants. The process of primitive accumulation, never clearly analyzed before, is set forth by Michael Perelman in his book “The Invention of Capitalism.”

Chunk it good

It is a lot more painful than I thought it was going to be, getting rid of books, especially since they are all about cycling. For example, this gem: This …

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Book curse

You simply cannot give people books. Please don’t do it. It is a terrible idea every time, so don’t. Just don’t. The first and most obvious reason to never give …

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37 years

My wife’s grandmother was born in 1916, during World War I, and she is a few weeks shy of her 102nd birthday. She came down with the flu about ten days …

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