Take only Molteni, leave only citations for illegal camping

July 9, 2020 § 32 Comments

Here is the one thing I’m taking on my bike trip that is indispensable, and it isn’t the bike.

As I get closer to my 5:00 AM Friday departure, it’s looking less and less like that I’ll get as far as San Francisco, much less the Canadian border. If it turns out to be a 3-day trip to Ventura and back, I’ll be a touch chagrined.

Here is what made the final-final cut.

Rain jacket, wool hat, cycling jeans, tent footprint, maps, u-lock, wool socks, t-shirt.

Base layer shirt, fuel, stove, spark striker, matches, socks, wool gloves, salt, pepper, pot, pan, pan gripper (stowed inside the pot/pan).

Dried tomatoes, oatmeal, sponge, Skippy, extra baggies, walnuts, granola.

Tent, light, front carry-bag.

Jersey, egg holder, tights, bibs, socks, underpants, jacket, space blanket, wool sweater, passport, notebook.

Arm warmers, wool jersey, shorts, socks, gloves, sunglasses.

Sleeping pad. Not pictured: Laptop, phone, charger, wallet, sleeping bag, pen, multitool, pocket knife, Yeti cup, toothbrush, floss, shoes. The sleeping bag hasn’t arrived yet, so if it doesn’t get here today I’ll be leaving whenever it comes.

I’d like to say I’m brimming with confidence, but with campgrounds closed, the covids on the loose, and a general sense of global disarray … we’ll see.


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